Job Description

Job Description

React Developer Job Description

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We are seeking a passionate and skilled React Developer to join our growing team. You will be responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining user interfaces for our web and mobile applications using the React library and related technologies.


  • Design and develop reusable and modular React components to build dynamic and interactive user experiences
  • Collaborate closely with designers, product managers, and other engineers to translate user stories and wireframes into functional components
  • Implement clean, efficient, and well-tested code following best practices (e.g., React hooks, state management)

Skills Required

  • jquery
  • node js
  • javaScript
  • react

Education + Experience

  • 12 or more years of experience is required
  • is required

Job Overview

  • Posted date : 28-Feb-2024
  • Location : Noida
  • Vacancy : 11
  • Job nature : WFH
  • Salary : $ 42 to 500

Company Information

Tata Consultancy Services

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